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Useful links to heritage organisations with an interest in Irish mammals


npws NPWS is the government body responsible for securing the conservation of a representative range of ecosystems and maintain and enhance populations of flora and fauna in Ireland.


NIEA is the government body responsible for protecting natural heritage. Their objective is to create prosperity and well-being through Environment and Heritage excellence.


The National Biodiversity Data Centre is an organisation for the collection, collation, management, analysis and dissemination of data on Ireland’s biological diversity.


The Heritage Council is a public body with an integrated approach to promoting and protecting natural and built heritage for the vital contribution that it makes to our identity, well-being and future.


download (1) Irish Environmental Network is made of up of 34 of Ireland’s national environmental NGOs. All of its member groups are involved in the well-being, protection and enhancement of the environment.


Teagasc is the national body providing integrated research, advisory and training services to the agriculture and food industry and rural communities.


The National Trust for Ireland is the oldest heritage organisation working to preserve and protect Ireland’s natural and built heritage. It is an independent charitable voice for the environment and for heritage issues.


bat-logo Bat Conservation Ireland aims to promote the conservation of bats in Ireland.. They particularly seek to address the potential conflicts that sometimes arise between humans and bats in dwelling houses.


Irish Wildlife Trust aims to conserve wildlife and the habitats they depend on throughout Ireland, while encouraging a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural world and the need to protect it.


Ireland'sWildlife Ireland’s Wildlife is an online resource and community for everyone interested in the wilder side of Ireland. The website offers convenient access to Irish wildlife information, resources and news.


Quercus is part of Queen’s University Belfast and is responsible for conducting high quality ecological research within the School of Biological Sciences. The core activity of Quercus is the promotion and dissemination of research in biodiversity and conservation science.


 iwdg-logo Irish Whale and Dolphin Group is dedicated to the conservation and better understanding of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoise) in Irish waters by promoting better understanding of Irish cetaceans through education and research.


Irish Wildlife Matters aims to give useful and easy to follow information of rescue, rehabilitation and treatment of wildlife casualties for members of the public, rehabilitators and veterinary surgeons.


Invasive Alien Species in Ireland provides information on a range of species, policy related to individual species or groups of species, and action plans to deal with species that threaten the biodiversity and economies of Ireland.


 Biology-ie-Logo was founded in August 2005 as an interactive tool for the collection of Nature’s Calendar or phenology observations with the primary aim to increase biodiversity awareness by allowing users keep an online map and nature notes.


Native Woodland Trust is Ireland’s fastest growing organisation dedicated to the preservation of our Ancient Woodlands and to the planting of new trees and woods all over Ireland.


Green Economy Foundation are an environmental non-government organisation who work on a whole variety of issues, from farming to economics, from biodiversity to climate change.


UNEP/EUROBATS aims to provide a framework for the member countries and those that have not yet joined to co-operate towards a common goal: the conservation of bats throughout Europe.


BatLife Europe is an international NGO built from a partnership of national bat conservation organisations committed to promoting the conservation of all bat species and their habitats throughout Europe.