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25th April 2019

Pine martens are protected by legislation and can only be removed under licence from the NPWS, and by your local NPWS Conservation Ranger. If you need urgent assistance related to a pine marten in your attic, please contact your local Conservation Ranger. You will find details of your regional office here.

At this time of year (April/May), female martens are giving birth to their young (kits). They will give birth to two or three kits, which are born blind, hairless and completely dependent on the mother for the first six weeks of their life. It is important, therefore, not to disturb or frighten the mother during this time as she may abandon her kits if she feels unsafe. Leaving the female and kits undisturbed during this time is the best course of action for the animals, and will be the recommendation of the NPWS Conservation Rangers.

Once a female marten and her kits have moved out of a building, all entry holes should be sealed up to prevent re-entry.


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